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How can the Prime Minister expect people to follow discipline when his own ministers are a bunch of undisciplined people? If the minister did not find a toilet on a highway, it means the government has all along been looting people in the name of Swacch Bharat cess on fuel. The minister has proved that the whole scheme is nothing but a big failure

Nawab Malik (Politician)

When a customer is actually on a buying spree, he is facing a tough time while choosing the best Smartphone or Tablet since multiple options are available.

Suneet Singh Tuli

How can the Speaker and the Chief Minister allow the members elected on the Opposition party ticket to sit in the treasury benches in violation of all laws and basic principles of democracy?

Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy (Politician)

It’s never easy to win the crown in your own country because you have to make double even triple efforts to show to everyone that you’re fighting the battle at your best just like everybody else but what made my journey extra special was the overwhelming support I got from my fellow Filipinos

Karen Ibasco (Filipino Beauty Queen)

Arvind Kejriwal may be the hero of the film, but Yogendra Yadav too emerges as no less than one. Arvind Kejriwal and Yogendra Yadav both stress the politics of transparency and collective decision-making, but when it comes to the process of winning elections, both start clashing with their own principles.

Ravish Kumar

I think there are people who explicitly, as well as people who implicitly, believe that conservatism and limited government are values and principles that you can only embrace or appreciate if you are a white European of Christian ancestry — and I don't believe that.

Avik Roy (Indian-American Journalist & Policy Advisor)

I appreciate the support that young generation is giving to the nation with their thoughtful leadership. It is actually contributing a lot to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's idea of making the nation work in more holistic and disciplined manner 

Piyush Goyal

Modern challenges take the concerted efforts not just of Governments, but also of whole societies, and so wider society could be more involved in the diplomatic process.

Syed Akbaruddin (Indian Foreign Service Officer)

The country runs on issues and on principles.

Sharad Yadav

I hold Wrestler Sushil in high regard for all he has achieved through hard work, discipline, blood and sweat. Sincerely hope he does not accept the gold in this manner. It’s not sportsmanlike

Farhan Akhtar

The entire credit for IPL's wonderful success goes to the BCCI.

Rajeev Shukla

The government has also failed to waive-off farm loans. Only the interest has been done away with and not the principle amount. The pass books of farmers are still with banks

Dr Sravan Dasoju

I think this is a compliment to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This (development) is certainly a compliment to the efficacy of India's diplomatic outreach

Jitendra Singh

In principle it is good, the most important thing is the execution of a good idea and taking care of all the problems that may arise in implementing it.

Soli Sorabjee

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. GST has eliminated multiplicity of taxes

Narendra Modi

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