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Let us all be clear: “National security” must never again be permitted to justify wholesale denial of constitutional rights and protections. If it is freedom and our way of life that we fight for, our first obligation is to ensure that our own government adheres to those principles. Without that, we are no better than our enemies.

George Takei

It’s a lot of dedication and commitment. For me it’s about discipline and a lot of hard work that no one ever sees, but I enjoyed it.

Christie Hsiao

If Joseph Muscat has forgotten the principles his own party is built on, and has forgotten the weak, the Nationalist Party will be there to defend the rights of these people.

Simon Busuttil

People are challenging the status quo. Hundreds of experiments, technology in their hands and regulatory policies are being broken and Bharat is using its digital infrastructure to grow. Startups would be the force multiplier.

Mohandas Pai

I’ve been at Triple J for over a third of my entire life.

Alex Dyson

NATO has been a unique force multiplier. A platform from which to project strategic interests. And for working seamlessly with Allies and partners around the globe.

Jens Stoltenberg

One of the more interesting experiments for me, because of my background, is going to be looking at how stem cells grow and also potentially looking at how a bacteria grows and multiplies and how mutations occur and doing the genetic sequencing of those cells.

Peggy Whitson

First, I really just came up here to talk to you guys. I wrote something I put together that I really just wanted to read. I know you have a lot of questions as many of you have hounded me pretty much daily. Ed Werder texts on the hour. But I'm not gonna take any questions so hopefully I answer most of them with what I'm saying here and if I don't answer them, I'm sure we'll talk in the future. So hopefully we're gonna keep it short. For multiple reasons, one, I think it's in the best interest of our team. We'll leave it at that. So I'm just going to read this and hopefully you can just stay with me. I don't think it'll be too long, but I think it does capture the essence of what your mindset is through all of this and our football team and the situation. So here we go.

Tony Romo

We just finished our presidential election, and some of you may question America’s commitment to its founding principles.

Allyson Felix

What has been done by the police has met the necessary principles of transparency, fairness and professionalism.

Joko Widodo

Let me start by answering in terms of principles. What is certain is that we need a regulatory environment that is good for business and creates certainty.

Patrice Motsepe

Now, administrations may change, but our values and principles as it relates to inclusion does not.

Rahm Emanuel

I want to congratulate my friend Mike Pence. Mike Pence is a good man, a principled conservative, and he will make a great vice president.

Paul Ryan

We will honor the timeless principles that our country was founded on; liberty, freedom, free enterprise, consent of the governed. And we will apply those principles to the problems of the day.

Paul Ryan

There are multiple reasons behind his win. One: people were tired of the Democratic Party. They saw Ms Clinton as just an extension of Barack Obama, which they didn’t like. Ms Clinton’s campaign always came across as overconfident. We focused on the voter group, kept microtargeting.

Avinash Iragavarapu

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