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Moreover, the year 2017 starts a new cycle in the marketing of the commercialisation and media rights of our competitions, with the premiums paid to the participating teams, in some cases multiplied by three or more.

Issa Hayatou

As long as people know me for good reasons I'm happy with it whether through Doordarshan or IPL.

Anjum Chopra

A wife is the moral compass for any man. She is a guardian and a disciplinarian.

Hari Bansha Acharya

Multiplication and division — I’ve nailed that stuff, but yeah addition is my weakness.

Kanan Gill

There is a difference between principles and fashion.

Charles Correa

We are at the threshold of classifying and clarifying the chaos that may be accorded to the present state of architectural manifestations and, rather than a rush to classification, it is important to understand what the presence of chaos or multiplicity means.

Kaiwan Mehta

There is a tree here, there is one there and a third one there. I do not want to cut any trees and this principle has much to do with the shape of a house.

Laurie Baker

My early training had been in an institution in Lahore which was headed by the father of Rudyard Kipling, the poet. 

Satish Gujral

To design a temple which would reflect the rich cultural heritage of India, and at the same time be compatible with the cardinal principle of the Bahá'í Faith - the unity of religions - provided me a most unusual and remarkable chance for witnessing the power of Bahá'u'lláh's Revelation.

Fariborz Sahba

We will not create problems for American diplomats. We will not expel anyone.

Vladimir Putin

People think molecular gastronomy is all about foam and caviar, but really it's about applying the scientific principles of physics and chemistry to food.

Vicky Ratnani

Part of the realization was that the venture industry was getting capital inefficient.  I started in 1991, and from '91 to 2004, the average fund size tripled. 

Josh Kopelman

We, the people of Japan, will continue to uphold this unwavering principle, while harboring quiet pride in the path we have walked as a peace-loving nation over these 70 years since the war ended.

Shinzo Abe

The IPL Final is the largest event in India's sporting calendar, and is apparently telecast in 190 countries. I was extremely fortunate to have witnessed this spectacle at Eden Gardens, Kolkata, along with more than 80,000 enthusiastic fans cheering some of the best cricketing talent from across the world.

Rakhee Kapoor Tandon

But it came as a surprise when some of my friends called me to tell me that people across the internet were discussing my presence at the IPL Final and tweeting about it.

Rakhee Kapoor Tandon

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