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There is no doubt that in Islamic practice and preaching women have been given second or third class status. Triple talaq, marrying four wives tradition are examples of that.

Subramanian Swamy

Personal Law Board is known to encourage people who give talaq at one go on WhatsApp. It is like khap panchayat decisions. Personal Law Board cannot give kangaroo court judgements.  If they think a woman has been given triple talaq wrongly, why aren’t opening doors for the affected women?

Shaista Amber

First, my personal view point on why I do not subscribe to the ‘Award Wapsi’ campaign. In an article I wrote in October 2015, I enumerated why I do not wish to give up my Sahitya Akademi award - one that has been given to me for my work by the people of India, judged by an independent jury of fellow writers and scholars and not a political party or Government… Second, was my stance on the recent Tipu Sultan controversy and a subsequent petition signed by me along with a group of very eminent historians, archaeologists, epigraphists and artists on the need for recognizing multiple view points and narratives in Indian historiography.

Vikram Sampath

This our worst batting performance, if not the worst of all time in IPL. It really hurts. I thought we could capitalize and chase the score down. 

Virat Kohli

We need to have a steady supply line of shooters like China has in almost every sports discipline.

Joydeep Karmakar

Presently, we are tapping VAT at each stage of supply chain, from manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer. We already have multiple points taxation. Under GST, we are just merging the taxes of the Centre and states. The inflation which happened in other countries was because they shifted from single point taxation to GST.

Hasmukh Adhia

Our designs are both classic and modern and hence appeal to a varied group of people. The unifying principle of my collection is the use of the international silhouette: clean simple lines with the finest quality fabrics and craftsmanship.  

Sania Maskatiya

We plan to release multiple versions of sockets, both low-cost and high-end, with different functionalities.

Malav Sanghavi

We have such strong bonds and ties. We are looking at how we can enhance and further this relationship to the best interests of both countries. Since the Cyprus question (Turkish occupation) has been around, they (India) have taken a principled stand… we are grateful to them. We have excellent relations, not only at the international forum, but also in other fields.

Nicos Anastasiades

I have already submitted the demand of naming the airport after the name of Chhatrapti Rajaram Maharaj. The government of Maharashtra has given in-principle nod for to same. We hope that the further process will be completed soon.

Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati

I learnt the lessons of financial discipline and also how projects are structured.

Grandhi Mallikarjuna (GM) Rao

I’m not very disciplined...I have realised that in my autumn years. If I had had a good mentor I’d have done better.

Dilip Piramal

My listeners and disciples are all very respectful and proud of the rich repertoire of the forms of classical music.

Girija Devi

What is the meaning of ‘misuse of triple talaq’. Tomorrow, we may hear of misuse of molestation. Misuse of rape. Misuse of wife beating.

Javed Akhtar

The fact that I had a lot of time for music enabled me to be more disciplined. I knew where I wanted to go.


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