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AIMPLB should not be called as Muslim Personal Law Board but a Maulawi (Cleric) Personal Law Board. Such organization should be banned as it does not work for the welfare of society but endorses practice like triple talaq that is harassment to women. Triple talaq is somewhere against the Constitution as it does not come within the prevalence of it. Any organization should work according to the Constitution of India.

Mohsin Raza

Even if I say triple talaq 300 times, it will not materialise into a divorce.

Kalbe Sadiq

An amendment in the rule (triple talaq) is the need of the hour.

Kalbe Sadiq

Islam says nothing against reasoning, nothing against justice. For us triple talaq is against both reasoning and justice, would request the Sunni brothers to reconsider this law. We are ready to cooperate with them if they can chalk out a solution, as this triple talaq is becoming a reason of insult for the Muslims.

Kalbe Sadiq

Our revenues are growing multiple times each year. We should be net positive by the second half of next year.

Shashank ND

Whatever said and done, if Indian players are not going to play in those tournaments, it’s not going to be a big hit. Because everyone wants Indian players, (otherwise) it won’t have (as) big an impact as IPL.

Muttiah Muralitharan

I can't believe that IPL has completed 10 years. This is a big achievement and it would not have been possible without the support of spectators. When IPL was announced in 2007 and when we played for the first time in 2008, honestly, I never thought IPL will be so big.

Sachin Tendulkar

It is a matter of pride that in India a big tournament like IPL has happened and which the whole world has taken notice of. I thought it won't be as competitive as it is right now. But as the tournament progressed, its competitiveness, its competitive juice inside, sportsmanship, have gone to a different level.

Sachin Tendulkar

There is nothing like triple talaq in the Quran and women in India are being misguided over the issue. Read the holy scriptures to clear your doubts.

Salma Ansari

Triple talaq+ is not an issue. There can be no 'talaq' just because someone utters talaq, talaq, talaq. There is no such rule in Quran. They have just made it up.

Salma Ansari

One area that’s of particular interest to us is the small business uptake. SMB (small and medium businesses) ads have been growing in the triple digits, with large adoption.

Rajan Anandan

The Internet acts as an economic force multiplier and this aspect is the single most important way in which the Internet can impact India as a whole.

Rajan Anandan

Asha Aunty, thank you very much, I don’t deserve being here and I don’t know what to say. Everyone must buy the book because the generation that she belongs to, has lived the cleanest life ever; both professionally and personally. So, it will be a book of values and principles.

Salman Khan

We will be the first one in the country to realise the dream of the Prime Minister by bringing in multiple private discoms to distribute electricity in the city.

V.P. Singh Badnore

It undermines honest credit culture, it impacts credit discipline, and it plugs incentives for future borrowers to repay. In other words, waivers engender moral hazard.

Urjit Patel

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