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I’m not very disciplined...I have realised that in my autumn years. If I had had a good mentor I’d have done better.

Dilip Piramal

My listeners and disciples are all very respectful and proud of the rich repertoire of the forms of classical music.

Girija Devi

What is the meaning of ‘misuse of triple talaq’. Tomorrow, we may hear of misuse of molestation. Misuse of rape. Misuse of wife beating.

Javed Akhtar

The fact that I had a lot of time for music enabled me to be more disciplined. I knew where I wanted to go.


We just finished shooting at multiple locations in Himachal Pradesh, and it was an experience of a lifetime.

Palash Sen

Othman led a full and illustrious life. He was a journalist, a writer, a unionist, a politician, and a diplomat. But one golden thread that ran through his long life was his commitment to the ideal of a multi-racial and multi-religious Singapore. Had he not been firm in that commitment, had he hesitated or wavered in the dark days of our Merger with Malaya and then Separation, when our history hung in the balance, the Singapore story would have turned out differently.

Lee Hsien Loong

During my tenure, I have not come across a instance where a job was denied to a lady diplomat because of gender, or a woman diplomat has sought review of her posting because of her gender. This speaks for itself. 

Preneet Kaur

All the books that have been written are either by diplomats or scholars from Pakistan. This book [to be published in February] is from the perspective of a foreign minister who did not just witness things but was part of them. So readers can expect things to be told differently and will have more clarity on aspects that I have touched upon. 

Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri

Goloshchapov made a huge difference to my game. He imparted new ideas to me. He ensured that I use my brain before using the chess engines. He showed me the importance of discipline in calculation. And after giving me some problem-solving tests before the Qatar Masters, he concluded that I'm almost sure of improving my strength.

Shardul Gagare

I think I am a much better father in the show. Strict and disciplined. And I feel Maha Singh is coming out more authentic because I am a father in real life too.

Shaleen Bhanot

I'm surprised over the silence over a burning issue of triple talaq by certain individuals.

Yogi Adityanath

Some people who are silent on the issue of triple talaq are equally guilty.

Yogi Adityanath

I’m going to finish my education up in UT (the University of Texas), get my diploma, and then we can talk about turning pro, that’s the plan.

Joseph Schooling

I'm reminded of everyone staying silent when Draupadi was being disrobed. Those who stayed silent were as guilty and at fault as those who disrobed her. Similarly, the people who are silent on the issue of triple talaq are equally guilty.

Yogi Adityanath

The best way to pursue their interests in Afghanistan and elsewhere is through the use of diplomacy, and not through the use of proxies that engage in violence.

H. R. McMaster

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