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I decided to take up dancing seriously because it opens up other channels in Bollywood like acting. 

Shyam Yadav (Dancer)

At the time, I was not into non-Bollywood music but I was instantly drawn in by Jagjit Singh’s voice

Sathya Saran

I have done 130 films (in Bollywood). ‘2.0' was my 131st film. I can only say that during the making of those 130 films, I got to learn little from every film, but I was learning throughout the shooting of this film.

Akshay Kumar

It's been a great journey clicking beautiful women of Bollywood. 

Gautam Rajadhyaksha (Photographer)

(Favorite actor) In Bollywood, it’s Akshay Kumar. He knew me as a child. He kissed me once. I still remember it.

Sneha Ullal (Actress)

We were kept very far away from Bollywood. Mom knew this was a very tough line and she didn’t want us to go through the intense struggle she faced.

Anand Bhosle (Producer)

Priyanka is right. There are Harvey Weinsteins in Bollywood too. They continue to exploit hapless strugglers because they are not held liable for their dirty deeds. This is the time to expose them.

Pahlaj Nihalani

I am not talking about actresses who do what they do to establish a foothold in the industry. I am talking about aspiring actors and actresses being forced to offer sexual favours in exchange for job opportunities. Bollywood has a very clear list of offenders who misuse their position

Pahlaj Nihalani

We started Wow! Momo immediately after our college. Our journey has pretty much like Bollywood movie; we started our business with a mere Rs 30,000 and reached to a Rs 100 crore business in last few years. 

Sagar Daryani (Entrepreneur)

There is a trend in rural India where people, as a tribute/symbol of their love for our Bollywood superstars, name their pets after them. 

Janaki Vishwanathan (Film Maker)

I am 43 and in the past 14 years, I have been "used and misused" by political parties, Bollywood and even terror outfits.

Qutubuddin Ansari

I have monitored the shenanigans in Bollywood for over 40 years. During my decade-long association with a popular movie magazine, the stories would arrive taaza taaza, straight from the horse's - or mare's - mouth.

Shobhaa De

I used to listen to Bollywood songs since childhood and I wanted to do something big.

Dhinchak Pooja (Pooja Jain)

I want to be a music director in Bollywood and do concerts.

Dhinchak Pooja (Pooja Jain)

This word (Bollywood filmmaker), I just don't get it. I know when I was making Miss Lovely, it was a thing I really hated because it was very difficult for me to make the kind of films I wanted to make.

Ashim Ahluwalia

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