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It means everything to me. My guiding principle in life is the same thing that guides Kay Scarpetta – you don't abuse power.

Patricia Cornwell (American Crime Writer)

From an early age, the community played a key role in my life. I began studying martial arts at a local dojo as a sophomore in high school, and the discipline it taught me continues to impact my life to this day.

Brad D. Smith (American Businessman)

We have granted in-principle approval for a greenfield airport at Jewar (Greater Noida) to cater to the growing flying requirements of NCR.

Ashok Gajapathi Raju

Professionalism, discipline, commitment, honesty, complementary skills and diverse views are the key traits I bring to the table. These need to be valued for the partnership to be effective.

Anil Kumble

Generics are good for the patient, the payer and the provider - a triple win. Although the expirations will depress the top line growth, they will improve our gross margins. About $8 billion came off patent in 2005, and almost double will come off in 2006.

Thomas M. Ryan (American Businessperson)

I have set the date 2045 for the ‘Singularity’ which is when we will multiply our effective intelligence a billion fold by merging with the intelligence we have created.

Ray Kurzweil (American Author - Computer Scientist - Inventor and Futurist)

There were multiple things I did when I was younger, in my middle-school and high-school ages.

Tim Armstrong (American Business Executive)

Color’s mission of democratizing access to genetic testing takes this principle one important step further: it can save people’s lives.

Katie Jacobs Stanton (American Businesswoman)

I like a man who has strong principles and a strong sense of self worth. He must have a good sense of humour and be generous. Most importantly, I should have a great chemistry with him.

Ayesha Thapar

Bill has two among his many principles that I remember well: one is that we are patient people, and the other is that profitability is not a natural state

Charles Simonyi

In all of this recent news what has been overlooked is India's announcement that it is building a multiple warhead ICBM, a so-called MIRV. Also, China has new submarines in testing. It's a dangerous time, with nuclear weapons tightening their grip in many of the world's critical regions.

Paul Bracken (Professor of Political Science and Business)

At Sequoia, we’ve always been focused on: How do we maintain a consistent level of exceptional performance? Most entities, most organizations are capable of doing it through a year, or five years, maybe ten years. Very few are able to do it over multiple decades. And I’m not saying that we’re exemplary, but we’ve worked really, really hard on trying to perform at an extremely high level.

Michael Moritz (Venture Capitalist)

The secret of management is simply identifying and making use of talent. But you must in principle make them feel they belong and like you first.

Li Ka-shing (Business Magnate)

Betting is on everywhere, in every game, on the field, off the field, cheating is going on.. you just cannot wish it away. However, what you can do it that you can discipline your players

Syed Kirmani (Indian Cricketer)

Because I always look at things from the perspective of users, then whether intentionally or not it always conforms to the principle of “disruptive innovation”, and puts competitors and other big players in the market in a very tough quandary.

Zhou Hongyi (Chinese Entrepreneur)

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