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I don’t think stardom will ever go to my head. While everyone usually turns up late at Bollywood parties, I always reach these places on time and end up making a fool of myself

Ali Fazal

It is a compulsive break. I am not getting good roles in Bollywood... Getting small roles. I am looking out for more and more meaty roles.

Sachin Khedekar

It’s a reality that you need to have a special talent to avoid. Bollywood has that talent, I don’t. The only divide there is in Bollywood — where love stories are material — is of class.

Nagraj Manjule

I am an ordinary singer and would often feel that if talented singers find it difficult to get a break in Bollywood, how would I manage? It was difficult initially, as I didn't have a godfather or other support. 

Mamta Sharma

Television is tough, the next step is naturally Bollywood.

Kushal Tandon

One can earn four times the amount (you get in Bollywood) in the kind of time one devotes there (in Hollywood).

Irrfan Khan

At this hour, Pakistani cinema needs Bollywood films because the Pakistani film industry isn’t strong enough to solely run cinemas. A cinema needs one new film each week. Our industry only makes a handful of films every year.

Humayun Saeed

Starting of the opening ceremony of the football league with Bollywood tells u a thing or two about the quality of sport !

Abhinav Bindra

I am not interested, infact I am too reluctant to work in Bollywood because the functioning of the industry here is completely different to the kind of work I have done in Hollywood. So I find it difficult to fit in.

Roshan Seth

In Bollywood, the actor would not know his dialogues when they begin shooting for the day. The bigger star he is, the lesser possibility of him having learnt his dialogues. I can't do that.

Roshan Seth

Pakistan, artistes come later. My nation comes first. I don’t know anyone except my country and don’t want to know anything else. Artistes are small insects in front of the nation, we are worth nothing compared to the country. I don’t want to know what Bollywood says. I was in the army for two years. Our jawans are the real heroes. We are ordinary, useless people. Do not pay attention to what we say. Do you understand whom am I talking about? Humlog jo patar patar karte hain, unpe dhyan mat do. Unki aukat nahi utni.

Nana Patekar

I hope making films on Indian society becomes a trend...making films in India about the typical Indian household with a deeper meaning and layers instead of following the masala trend of the TV industry and Bollywood. It means that when we look at the Indian social fabric, we have to go deeper into it rather than touching the superficial situations.

Adil Hussain

It is the marketing of that show. Unless you have got a Bollywood personality along with three other people or three Bollywood personalities and one other personality (who actually knows the issue), the shows don’t work.

Vikas Bahl

Many people asking me whom I'll cast in the Bollywood remake of Oppam and how can I compare their acting to Mohanlal. My answer is simple! If I remake Oppam in Hindi, I don't expect Mohanlal's acting skills from other actors. I have done maximum hits of Mohanlal in Bollywood with Akshay Kumar. Whenever I work with Akshay, I don't expect Mohanlal's acting from him. But if I gets 50% of Lal's acting from him, Bollywood audiences are happy, and that matters the most.


Coming to India and being part of Bollywood have been great so far.

Evelyn sharma

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