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I didn't want to work with Bollywood superstars. I always wanted to shoot at different locations in Mumbai, because places are also characters in my films.

Majid Majidi (Film Director)

I do not use Bollywood connection for canvassing. I am telling voters about myself

Bulbul Godiyal (Lawyer)

I like both Bollywood and anchoring equally. I want to act in films and be a host as well.

Karishma Kotak

Bollywood mein bahut layers hain -- casting director, production head, and then comes the director/producer. What I am saying is that the filmmaker in Bollywood is often not aware that what a newcomer has gone through before reaching to have her first meeting with him.

Raai Laxmi

India is a lovely place and it has a lot of potential for so many stories to flourish. But sadly Bollywood films don’t explore so many themes.

Majid Majidi (Film Director)

I am ready to give my songs to Bollywood. But there’s only one condition that I will sing all my songs.

Hardy Sandhu (Singer)

People have been saying and doing crazy things to me since the past six years. But I don’t let it affect me. All this pressure won’t change me as a person. I am still happy and working in Bollywood.

Sunny Leone

Most funding for Bollywood movies come from Dubai. There should be a check on how history is distorted in B’wood

Subramanian Swamy

Bollywood films on Muslim rulers are funded from Dubai

Subramanian Swamy

The Soft Aunty. That's what my mom is. She used to be a Bollywood Aunty. She was always having dramatic reactions to things, and she'd quote dialogue from movies to express her feelings.

Maria Qamar (Artist)

Education was always important in our family and so I did my masters in business management and also enrolled simultaneously in Roshan Taneja's acting classes. I wanted to go to Bollywood.

Abhay Vakil (Actor)

My debut with a big banner in Bollywood got delayed and finally stalled. I was replaced by a star son and as luck would have it, the film bombed at the box office. By that time, I was getting good offers in television and I knew this was the place to be

Abhay Vakil (Actor)

My next film is a Bollywood project which is featuring Virdas as male lead. It has a Ben Stiller / Adam Sandler kind of characterization. The male lead suffers with an obsessive compulsory disorder. 

Ajay Bhuyan

I do get film offers from B’town, but most of them are insignificant. So, like Asin and Genelia who started here in the south, made it big and later migrated to Bollywood, let me also try my luck in Tamil cinema.

Tanvi Ganesh Lonkar

I wanted to do Bollywood but it is not that easy, especially for a small-town (Shimla) girl like me. 

Charlie Chauhan (Actress)

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