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Frankly, I never planned my career. And my father also never pushed anyone of us to become typical Bollywood actors.

Heeba Shah (Actress - Naseeruddin Shah's Daughter)

Basically, I am a private singer who received recognition through my albums. Bollywood has always been a second option for me. Legendary singers like Jagjit Singh and Anoop Jalota are known and loved for their albums first and its beauty will remain always

Altaf Raja (Qawwali Singer)

Ghazals get very little promotion; nothing besides Bollywood music gets promoted today.

Roop Kumar Rathod

When I was offered the best of Bollywood movies like ‘Jane Tu Jane Naa’, ‘Aashiqui 2’ and others... I chose to first complete my studies. Later I chose television because I was offered a prime time slot on a prime channel like Colors which is actually Bollywood's most popular channel. 

Preetika Rao

Well, I belong from a musical family and had a profound passion for music since my childhood. I started off with Assamese movies and entered into the Bollywood-zone later. And, the journey has been fantastic so far.

Zubeen Garg

I am associated with various Assamese projects these days and having a kind-of break from the Bollywood scene. Let me complete my current projects first and then I will ponder over that.

Zubeen Garg

Baahubali is the first ever film in Bollywood that has garnered these many eyeballs. There can be no comparisons with Sholay whatsoever. Sholay came on track only after the first few days of release —not like Baahubali, which is making great money from its first show. There is definitely no comparison.

Ramesh Sippy

I just followed my gut feeling when I went to Hyderabad in 2008. Telugu and Hindi cinema, both have a wide reach. I could sense that kind of exchange happening between Tollywood and Bollywood even before Baahubali (2015) released.

Harshvardhan Rane

She is deeply interested in Indian regional cinema, films that will be made by cast and crew in the regions, and not exploited by the Hindi industry (Bollywood). What we are making is not art, but it is niche

Madhu Chopra (Priyanka Chopra's Mother)

There was no setback. First, I don't take my career that seriously to think of a Bollywood debut as an achievement. It was never like I had to go to Mumbai and carve a niche for myself.

Anupam Roy (Lyricist)

Now I want to do Bollywood movies and I am working towards it. I would also love to do Big Brother if given a chance.

Lopamudra Raut

Bollywood never interested me, although I have some wonderful friends that are a part of it. It was never my forte either, but I did a lot of drama in school, where I played the lead character and enjoyed every moment of being on stage

Simone Arora (Designer)

I have not yet opted for any Hollywood movies. I am doing a lot of commercials. I also occasionally help Bollywood and Hollywood filmmakers with casting.

Pooja Batra

It’s a great feeling to be a part of bollywood but it's just a starting and I have to go long way. I have signed 4 Hindi movies, and God is really being kind to me. 

Anusmriti Sarkar

I hope I will get acceptance and welcome in bollywood. I am ready to work hard to make a place in bollywood

Anusmriti Sarkar

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