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In the kind of circumstances prevailing today, both Rahul and his mother, Sonia Gandhi, will lose from their seats, Amethi and Raebareli, respectively. They have done nothing in their constituencies and the people's disappointment with them is growing

Anil Baluni

The people have full confidence in Modi ji's leadership and we will once again form the government with overwhelming majority in 2019

Amit Shah

The remarks made by Amit Shah are condemnable. It shows their mindset. They have repeatedly dragged the political discourse to a new low.

Anand Sharma

Based on our conversation, both our parties will together fight elections in 2019

Akhilesh Yadav

Frankly, I don't see the BJP winning the next election, so in 2019 we will go back to the normal, I sense,

Rahul Gandhi

We will manage it. We in the Congress know how to carry people, we are not egotistical people, we don't crush people and we don't destroy people's lives, so we will manage it

Rahul Gandhi

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