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These are fringe and unscrutinized groups. Each state has its own set of such unregulated groups. Within states also, they have their regional pockets of influence. 

Prakash Yashwant Ambedkar (Indian Politician)

There are several non-political organizations which are helping. I am in talks with the Left also but it has not joined so far.

Prakash Yashwant Ambedkar (Indian Politician)

We can't criticize them, they are men of great integrity & have sacrificed a lot of their legal career, where they could've made money as senior counsels. We must respect them. PM must ensure that the 4 judges & CJI, in fact whole SC come to one opinion & proceed further

Subramanian Swamy

Deeply sad & pained, also feel a sense of agony that highest court of land should come under such severe stress that forces judges to address the media

Salman Khurshid

So, it's not just one case. Some of the most respected judges have raised larger questions about judiciary's independence is being compromised. Time for every democracy loving citizen to stand for judiciary, stand with independent judges 

Yogendra Yadav

Have known him for a long time. When I came to know of the extraordinary step taken by him & other judges, I thought must meet him. Not giving it political colour. These are concerns for everybody, it's about future of country & democracy

D. Raja

This is an internal matter of the Supreme Court,AG has given statement. No politics should be played. Surprised and pained that Congress which has been rejected number of times by people in elections is trying to gain political mileage, it has exposed itself

Sambit Patra

Observations made by Honorable Judges are extremely disturbing and have far reaching consequences

Randeep Surjewala

India’s youth has given a befitting reply to those who are trying to divide society. It is our youth that will take India to new heights.

Narendra Modi

Social media has become a weapon for all parties. Congress party is making the best use of social media, be it at the national level or state. We are using it in a democratic way. 

R. V. Deshpande (Politician)

Ramya has played an important role. The way youth is responding to Rahul ji and the party, I compliment her for that. We find support from youth in a big way now.

R. V. Deshpande (Politician)

Bengaluru city situated in the southern region, well away from natural calamities and extreme weather conditions. A city with a diverse population of professionals and industries spanning across various fields of business. Bengaluru with its multifaceted lifestyle, industrial development and technological innovations is in prime position to do just that

R. V. Deshpande (Politician)

India needs a second capital very urgently and Bengaluru is best place to fulfill that role. A country the size and scale of India cannot be managed from one location, especially when the government is gearing up for a paradigmatic and radical change in terms of depth of governance, structural reforms, national reconstruction and international partnerships

R. V. Deshpande (Politician)

Points raised by the Hon Judges need to be looked into carefully, even Justice Loya's death needs to be investigated properly

Rahul Gandhi

The Prime Minister (Modi) must ensure that the four judges and the Chief Justice of India, in fact, whole Supreme Court should come to one opinion and proceed further.

Subramanian Swamy

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