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We will remember it when we are called upon to once again make the world's largest contribution to the United Nations

Nikki Haley

Cyclone Ockhi to be discussed in Lok Sabha today, under rule 193. I hope this issue is not politicized by the Congress party, they should take part in the discussion

Ananth Kumar

It was a politically motivated case and totally uncalled for

Ashok Chavan

Observers have come from Delhi, decision on CM will be taken soon.Raising slogans in favour of any one leader is wrong, If I was the party president I would have expelled such workers. I did not like it

Shanta Kumar

The life and times of Balasaheb was about making the common man a hero, boosting confidence and strengthening the common man

Uddhav Thackeray

Many people earlier expressed desire with me to make a film on Balasaheb. But it is not easy, its a shiv dhanushya and a difficult subject

Uddhav Thackeray

I brought a revolution in the telecom sector. It is not unknown in history that a person who did revolution is tainted as a criminal 

Andimuthu Raja (A Raja) - Politician

All my actions has been for the benefit of the masses, to make wireless service more economical and widely available, in line with the National Telecom Policy and the recommendations of the Telecom Authority of India (Trai) 

Andimuthu Raja (A Raja) - Politician

DMK was blamed unnecessarily and we have been framed; the whole case was based on a notional loss. What we have been saying all these years, now finally the judge said the same thing


Parliament being on and off not good for country

Venkaiah Naidu

The truth has ultimately prevailed, we always had full faith in the country's judiciary

Ashok Chavan

Whether you look at the Modi Model or the promise of Rs 15 lakhs in every bank account, demonetisation or Gabbar Singh Tax... everything is a lie

Rahul Gandhi

The whole architecture of BJP is about lies, the whole structure is about lies. Modi Model in Gujarat was a lie. When we spoke to the people, they said there's no model, what's going on is that the BJP is stealing there resources

Rahul Gandhi

There's a procedure of consultation in the party. I asked members if there were any alternatives they wanted to name. Since there were none, the two (Rupani and Patel) were declared as unanimously elected

Arun Jaitley

If a young man and a young woman want to have a private holiday, they may not be married, what's wrong with that? If a young man wants to buy condoms, why should he disclose his Aadhaar or identity?

P Chidambaram

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