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Having spent about 13 years as an MP and a cabinet minister, Tihar did offer a different perspective. Apart from the accompanying trauma, I read lots of books. 

Andimuthu Raja (A Raja) - Politician

I am an atheist and never hesitate to say so. However, I do not have any problem with spirituality if it acts as a social force or as a self-searching exercise, provided it is not accompanied by irrational assumptions.

Andimuthu Raja (A Raja) - Politician

I had to keep myself physically and mentally fit. And because of that, I know 2G will be my strength.

Andimuthu Raja (A Raja) - Politician

Every crime is an error but every error is not a crime

Abhishek Singhvi

There was a scam, that's why 122 licenses were cancelled

Nalin Kohli

Also Congress should not be so much elated, because the matter of prosecuting criminal conspirators is still open as the investigating agencies, CBI and ED, have already decided to move courts

Rajeev Chandrashekhar

We are very happy that justice has prevailed. It is a big day for the DMK family. It is an answer to all the blames & the problems we faced


Because of the press hysteria, the CBI felt that it had to make criminality out of everything

Abhishek Singhvi

We just need some honest and straight forward law officers and good lawyers, not those who do 'chamchagiri' to the ministers

Subramanian Swamy

Divisive and caste based politics will not work anymore. Development is the focus

Yogi Adityanath

Yogi Adityanath has came to Karnataka & tried to create rift in the society which is typical of BJP. UP CM should concentrate more on UP & see what is situation of law & order there. He is not able to do good administration in UP

Sharan Prakash Patil

It is big day for me, my family and the party. We are very happy. Finally, justice has prevailed. The verdict has enthused party cadres and the leaders are very happy.


The verdict proves that  justice has prevailed. It is a big day for the DMK. The DMK had been saying all along that the case was build on notional laws. The case has fallen apart today


2G is an open and shut case of corruption

GVL Narsimha Rao

Why are they (Congress) chest thumping over temporary relief? The CBI is going to file a review petition. The list of their corruption cases is so long that I think it is too immature for them to celebrate

Sudhanshu Trivedi

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