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They (Britain) won’t get just the cherry-picking part of the deal. That’s my message to them, and I think it’s their choice.

Jeroen Dijsselbloem

The British people voted to leave the European Union and we need to honour that vote. But what they didn’t vote for was a particular type of Brexit. Parliament has to take a view on that to give the government a mandate for the negotiations.

Edward Miliband

Brexit has been decided, it will happen and we shouldn’t lose time.

Michel Sapin

There are principles, and on these principles, no country still remaining in the European Union will budge. That is the position of France, just as much as it is the position of Germany.

Michel Sapin

Up until now, it seems to me that a ‘hard Brexit’ approach has been taken more on the other side of the Channel than this one.

Michel Sapin

We can't expect anything good from either of them. Neither Trump nor Clinton have any good wishes or interests for Venezuela or Latin America.

Nicolas Maduro

I have not seen a more miserable, more immoral debate in the United States' political history, which I've followed for 30 years.

Nicolas Maduro

If half of what they told each other is true, neither of them can be president of the United States or any other country in the world.

Nicolas Maduro

Some towns and villages have been almost wiped off the map. Tensions are already mounting as people await help. A massive response is required (to help Haiti). UN teams are working with local officials to assess needs.

Ban Ki-moon

I have called an all party meeting on 19th (October), I have also called MLAs and MPs from the region for that meeting.


Everyone is awaiting the action which is being initiated against the 'cultured' minister.

Sharad Pawar

Instead of targeting the press, Pakistan should focus on ending its sanctuary for the Haqqani network.

Bob Corker

Those whose policies are a reflection of Ravana's evil designs, how can they come into UP and make a call to end Ravana?

Mohammad Abbas

On the contrary, it was Lord Rama who sat with a poor woman like Shabari and ate her berries. A true Ram Rajya is the one that takes care of the poor.

Mohammad Abbas

If our CM will be referred to as Ravana then would you expect us to refer to Modi as Rama or Krishna?

Mohammad Abbas

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