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Why should I think negative. Let’s hope that the SC decision will be in our favour paving a way for a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya. 

Vishnu Sadashiv Kokje

Judicial authority no longer on top floor. It has been brought down from top floor to second floor, to first floor, ground floor and now to basement

Fali Sam Nariman

He's (Rahul Gandhi) too small a person to comment on these big events in our history and you should ignore anything he says. He's just not qualified to make any of these comments

Ram Jethmalani

I think it's wider than just one case. I think Congress has realised that the present judiciary is completely independent

Mahesh Jethmalani

I think over the generations, Congress has gone from cutting judiciary to size and fallen to a point that it's scandalising, horrifying and vilifying the judiciary.

Harish Salve

A time has come that a firm action under contempt of court needs to be taken and people must be sent to jail

Harish Salve

If a common man believes that you can talk like this about the court and walk away then we might as well wind up our constitutuonal courts

Harish Salve

I was in the Ayodhya case when Mr Sibal threatened to walk out of the case. I was sitting there stunned to hear a lawyer saying he would walk out. Understand the connotation of walking out, it's awful disrespect.

Harish Salve

Impeachment was the only option left to secure accountability for CJI'S repeated acts of misconduct. Those who say impeachment will erode credibility of SC don't realise that it's credibility was being eroded by acts of CJI already in public domain.This might stop further erosion

Prashant Bhushan

What is the gross misbehaviour, the ground for impeachment? That a judgment was not in favour... People should learn to understand an unfavourable order, to accept defeat... SC has given good reasons. If you don't accept, where is the finality?

Soli Sorabjee

The impeachment process is being politicised by some people for political gain

Aryama Sundaram

These people have disgraced the entire judiciary for nothing when the CJI is retiring in a month.

Ram Jethmalani

The four judges are wholly wrong. They should not have created such a public mischief. The matter should have been resolved internally.

Ram Jethmalani

Mischievous propaganda against CJI Dipak Misra

Ram Jethmalani

The very fact that the judge died in the company of his colleagues shows that there is nothing wrong in the matter. The manner in which these cases were argued is a classic case of contempt. There are vested interests because they want to attack people collaterally and they used the judge for this purpose. This is unacceptable

Mukul Rohatgi

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