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One has to be careful about the kind of content that's shown in films or on television. Last three to four years; I am [being] my own censor [board]. There are so many times where I may share a dirty joke or laugh at one, but the due restriction has to be there in one's head when it comes to the larger audience.

Sajid Khan

CBFC's process is complete and any further news about cuts etc is absolutly untrue. Let's refrain from utilising CBFC's name unnecessarily

Prasoon Joshi

That's a very complicated question which I don't know whether I have the expertise to discuss it. However, if you ask me, I ideally want entertainment industry to be completely tax-free. But, as it is not going to happen in my foreseeable future, I will leave it to the government to do what they see best


As far as women's sanitary napkins are concerned, there is a tax on milk, rice... So, I think the government will know what's best and how it should be


I feel people need to stand up and talk about things. I don't think that it would be a cause if there was no need for it


I have never differentiated between TV and films. It's all about being confident, and I don't mind wearing a bikini on the small screen if it's shot classily.

Nikita Dutta (Indian Actress)

The audience who voted for me despite me singing such a tone-deaf song, I had complete faith in them. I did not think about defeat for a single moment. I had the confidence

Shilpa Shinde

It has been a big journey and a great one. It is still unbelievable. After what I have gone through, this is the perfect answer... I think the way I lived inside that house, the way relationships were made there, I had never imagined such changes in my life.

Shilpa Shinde

This is not a filmy line but truth always wins. I have never hurt anyone and that pays back. I have always wanted good for everyone. No artist from my industry has ever supported me but all technicians have been on my side

Shilpa Shinde

We were just the two of us, how much can we fight? Even at the party, we were very cool and I was chatting with her brother. Aunty (Shilpa’s mother) was very nice to me. It’s all cool, it just a game. What is important is what we learnt and earned from the experience.

Hina Khan

I would rather explore the medium of films than television. After working for so many years, the way few people of the industry (referring to the producers of ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai’) treated me, I am disheartened. I do not wish to work in the TV industry anymore

Shilpa Shinde

I don't know why our society wants women to marry by the age of 30. It is very unfortunate. I am not getting married anytime soon and I am not even 30. 

Kangana Ranaut

Women are going for tax free sanitary, but I said it should be completely free. Cut the five percent money from defence, make one bomb less and give it to women to get the sanitary napkin.

Akshay Kumar

I won't say that winning Bigg Boss 11 is an unbelievable moment for me because somewhere I had the confidence that I can win the trophy. It is because of my fans love and support that I am here today. I can never forget the time I've seen in the past and the circumstances under which I signed the show

Shilpa Shinde

People tried to defame me, but I always knew that truth will come out one day. It is very easy to pull someone down. I was called short-tempered and aggressive, but I am happy that I got a chance to prove myself through Bigg Boss. I could tell people that there is an reaction to every action. If something big has happened in someone's life there will definitely be a reason behind it

Shilpa Shinde

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