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I told Kalaignar that I have entered politics. He smiled and nodded his head as if welcoming me to politics.


There was a spree of romantic films in my career, and I realised I was getting lethargic. I wanted to be part of films that would take my fitness to the next level

Salman Khan

My body is like a diesel engine, ek baar garam ho gaya toh chalta rahega

Salman Khan

Yes, I've been approached to play Amrita Sher-Gil; it's a great role. I also have a keen interest in painting and not many know that I can actually paint well. So, let's see what happens.

Sonam Kapoor

I love watching old Hindi films. Some of my most favourite ones are old classics

Katrina Kaif

I would love to play Anarkali. But then again, there's a side of me who would rethink about remaking a classic which is as loved as 'Mughal-E-Azam'.

Katrina Kaif

In the theatre group I was a part of, comedy came my way. I had the best comic lines and I would sometimes add my own punches, the result leaving the audience in splits

Mallika Dua

I like to be seen in my individual capacity. I also have a lot of creative freedom, I get to decide everything which is good

Mallika Dua

A journalist is hauled up for reporting alleged truth about malfunctioning & misuse of Aadhar. Are we living in a Banana Republic? What kind of "justice" is this? Is there only politics of vendetta? Even public is being victimised for coming out honestly for society & the nation

Shatrughan Sinha

One has to be careful about the kind of content that's shown in films or on television. Last three to four years; I am [being] my own censor [board]. There are so many times where I may share a dirty joke or laugh at one, but the due restriction has to be there in one's head when it comes to the larger audience.

Sajid Khan

CBFC's process is complete and any further news about cuts etc is absolutly untrue. Let's refrain from utilising CBFC's name unnecessarily

Prasoon Joshi

That's a very complicated question which I don't know whether I have the expertise to discuss it. However, if you ask me, I ideally want entertainment industry to be completely tax-free. But, as it is not going to happen in my foreseeable future, I will leave it to the government to do what they see best


As far as women's sanitary napkins are concerned, there is a tax on milk, rice... So, I think the government will know what's best and how it should be


I feel people need to stand up and talk about things. I don't think that it would be a cause if there was no need for it


I have never differentiated between TV and films. It's all about being confident, and I don't mind wearing a bikini on the small screen if it's shot classily.

Nikita Dutta (Indian Actress)

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