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I heard Kapil is in depression, I felt very bad. We all are with Kapil and will always be there for him.

Ali Asgar

When I reached his office, Kapil was lying down. He was close to tears when he saw me and could not even speak. It is clear that he is missing all of us, especially Preeti. 

Ali Asgar

I feel things have got stretched too much and it is damaging everyone, especially Kapil. I feel there can never be any solution till the time we keep reacting on social media. It’s high time now that we sit across and sort out things. I am requesting Kapil to please meet us, sit across and just finish it off.

Kapil Sharma

I am very sure that they will start coming back. In the past couple of years, we have seen a fair amount of films coming from all over India to shoot in Kashmir and I think that trend will grow

Abhishek Bachchan

I feel justice must be served to the girl and many other victims like her who have experienced a shameful act like this, so that it doesn't happen again. I am an optimistic person and I feel there will be stricter laws and punishment to zero down incidents like these and so that people will think twice before committing such crimes.

Bhumi Pednekar

I don't deserve to get a house in Mumbai because I'm M B A. - MUSLIM, BACHELOR, ACTOR.

Shireen Mirza (Actress)

My Father supported me throughout. This made me never give up and eventually my patience was rewarded. 

Shireen Mirza (Actress)

I am happy for Neelam. But I am disappointed for Salman Khan. I don't know why he is being singled out. I think he is paying the price for being a star

Samir Soni

I feel bad. He (Salman) should be given relief (Black Buck Poaching Case). He has done a lot of humanitarian work

Jaya Bachchan

I had to perform a dance, solo, and kept losing balance for some reason though I'm a trained ballet dancer. I guess it was because here I'm doing a lot of Bollywood style hop hop dancing which I haven't experimented with before

Nidhhi Agerwal

I really had a nice experience whenever I have worked with him. Kapil is a very talented artiste and he makes people laugh through his performances. I pray for his good health and I hope he will continue doing his job. God willing, we will definitely work together.

Sunil Grover

I always say this, my love will always be with him. (Talking about Salman Khan on Black Buck Poaching Case verdict)

Rani Mukerji

The law takes its course. Can’t argue it. I just feel helpless & my heart goes out to Salman Khan & his family. Reason, cause the last thing Salman is, is a criminal. I feel this is too harsh. I do hope he gets the relief he deserves

Arjun Rampal

No matter who you are, you are not above the law

Nikita Anand (Model - Actress - TV Presenter)

Being young brings you a lot of opportunities. There is inspiration, motivation, and, these days, the option to do something about that.

Nikita Anand (Model - Actress - TV Presenter)

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