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At the moment, I do have an offer. So, a Bollywood film may be in the pipeline. If any other offers come through, I would take them up. I love Bollywood.

Elarica Gallacher

My son wants to learn how to make films, so he is working at USC (USC School Of Cinematic Arts in California) for four years, and that was his thought, I never told him.

Shah Rukh Khan

India decided to tell the secular dream through Bollywood: Amar, Akbar, Anthonyand many other films that bring the three major faiths together.

Sabiha Sumar

Bollywood is the second largest industry after cricket (in India), so I guess it’s a great way to reach out to the masses

Dwayne Bravo

You don’t need to be an actor or an actress to really belong to Bollywood now.

Dwayne Bravo

I hope more Bollywood offers come my way. 

Nathan Jones

I wouldn’t call the cinema made in Mumbai as Bollywood. That’s a different kind of cinema.

Adoor Gopalakrishnan

But Bollywood cinema is a different world. It is badly stereotyped. It is like a mould where everything fits in.

Adoor Gopalakrishnan

In Bollywood, you can either be an action hero, romantic hero or a dancing hero.

John Abraham

We broke through television, which we didn't think of. Bollywood made me write stuff I didn't know of. It gave me bread and butter. India's Got Talent, 2010 made it happen. We had to blend East and West.

Neil Nongkynrih (Pianist)

My journey has been organic, I had done some Bollywood music. I was only in classical. Bollywood made me realise that we have to go with the flow.

Neil Nongkynrih (Pianist)

For a magazine that keeps on shooting all these Bollywood celebrities, for them to acknowledge northeastern girl, it's really amazing

Ketholeno Kense Vihienuo

I didn't want to work with Bollywood superstars. I always wanted to shoot at different locations in Mumbai, because places are also characters in my films.

Majid Majidi (Film Director)

I do not use Bollywood connection for canvassing. I am telling voters about myself

Bulbul Godiyal (Lawyer)

I like both Bollywood and anchoring equally. I want to act in films and be a host as well.

Karishma Kotak

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